Stomach bug :(

Sorry for not posting for a few days, but I have been struck down with an awful stomach bug 😦

Before the bug hit, I managed to clean the polytunnel inside and out and then with there being an epic frost on Monday night, I am hoping that any nasties that might have been lurking in there, have now been completely eradicated.

Polytunnel 180116

I did get out in the garden for some fresh air yesterday morning and get some shots of the frosted plants – even though it was -2 and I still felt rubbish, a potter around the garden looking at the beauty of nature certainly perked me up.

Am hoping to be ‘back to normal’ tomorrow so will let you know how I get on 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stomach bug :(

  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well – I hope you feel better tomorrow and can get on with filling your polytunnel. Plants look so pretty covered in frost, don’t they?

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