Please don’t snow!!!

The last couple of days have been MANIC and I apologise for not updating sooner, but so much has been going on that I just haven’t had a chance!

Yesterday, Dad came round and put the final touches to the tunnel in order for the cover to go on today.  The rear door frame was added and the metal joints were secured.

So, this morning, the plan was to fit the cover (excited!!!) and then, would you believe it, it started to bloody snow!!!  It NEVER snows in Worcester and of all the days I could’ve done with a bit of blue sky, I get wet, miserable yuckiness.  Thankfully, it was too wet to stick and after about half an hour of “trying” the snow passed over.

My wonderful Hubby and amazing Dad, then put the BIGGEST smile on my face by attaching the cover to the tunnel!!!

Now, it is by no means finished.  There are still doors to be fixed in to place and a gaping whole at the front which needs to be filled in, but I am truly over the moon!!

And then, just when I thought all progress for the day had been finished, Trist was bored so decided (without me even mentioning it!!!) to chop down the Laurel Tree – whoo-hoo!

Cannot believe how much bigger the area now looks!!

In addition to all the work that has been going on outside, I was encouraged to set up a local Facebook selling site for Gardening and Horticultural products.  It has taken off much quicker than I ever anticipated and within 2 hours already has 30+ members.

I am hoping to try to use this site to encourage people in the local community into their own gardens 🙂


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