Seeds – Scaremongering!!!!

Normally, I would leave other Blogger’s to their own opinions, but I have read a blog this evening which has really annoyed me.

Apparently, growing both vegetables and flowers from seed is practically impossible and should not be attempted by anyone without at least 10 years gardening experience and is a complete waste of money – WTF!!!!!

As people who follow my blog know, I grow the majority of plants I either sell or for my own garden from seed.  It is NOT rocket science, you do not need a degree in Horticulture and as long as you follow the instructions on the seed packet (If you buy from a reputable breeder, they would have no doubt invested a large amount of money and time to make sure the information they are providing you with is accurate) then, the chances are you will be rewarded from your efforts.

Nothing infuriates me more than someone who sells themselves as a true “Horticulturist” when all they do is grow plants from plugs and that are supplied to them by other people once they are at the ‘garden ready’ stage.

Yes, growing plants and food from seed is hard work.  Yes, it requires time and effort, but trust me, the rewards are worth ten fold from those of just clicking on the internet and getting ready produced plug plants delivered to your door.

Growing food and flowers from seed is the way nature intended and if you are not prepared to put the time and effort into this process, then in my opinion, you are not a real gardener!!!

That is all, and for now, I will get off my soapbox 😉


5 thoughts on “Seeds – Scaremongering!!!!

  1. As someone who has issues with growing from seed I can attest that its not always easy… But 10 years of horticulture experience? Pfft. My daughter grew tomatoes and marigolds from seed when she was 6.
    I guess she was a prodigy or something… Maybe I should get her to do my seed growing! B-)

  2. I like your post and your passion. It’s good to consider the merits of all kinds of propagation. I learnt today that grafted veg do exceptionally well as the root ball is established so provides a strong plant which fruits prolifically, so grafting and budding is also interesting. Using plugs is what commercial growers do but that’s due to cost/resource so it’s a different approach for a good reason. Home grown is different and the enjoyment of growing from seed is very rewarding for gardeners. Do you agree?

    • Couldn’t agree more! Growing produce whether it’s plants or produce is incredibly rewarding. As gardeners we relish all different types of challenges. If we want it, we will have a go at growing it. Everyone should be encouraged to try it for themselves and that is the point here. Just because something didn’t work for one Gardener, doesn’t mean another won’t excel

  3. I agree!
    There are some specific plants that are challenging. (Can I comment again on how I’m an utter failure so far at delphiniums? But I haven’t given up, I still have several methods to try and eventually one of them will work, and once I know the method that works for me then really it’s just a matter of plant and wait.) But most annuals and food crops are ridiculously easy from seed. Consider the economies of scale, and the way that most large farming operations do it – they certainly are not planting fields with nursery plugs. Nor are they meticulously nurturing every seedling personally. Most of the common plants for a home garden are going to be relatively easy to start from seed or else the plant would never have made it in a natural, non-human maintained environment. In most cases, even the difficult seeds really only need human intervention because we’re trying to take them outside of their natural environment. (IE: My attempts to learn how to grow cactus and succulents from seeds when I live in an area of short summers that was formerly known as “The great black swamp”, which doesn’t imply that it’s ideal cactus conditions. 🙂

    I 100% agree with you and add: there are plenty, PLENTY of easy things to grow yourself from seeds, and there are some things that are a little tricky. It’s a lot like singing. ANYONE can sing. There are some people who sing a lot, some people that sing professionally. But anyone can sing, and should if singing makes them happy.

    The great thing about seed is that you can aquire a lot of it in bulk, so even if only a few of them make it… you’re okay. So what does a person have to lose?

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