No business, just pleasure (and a polytunnel!)

I was feeling a little downhearted and discouraged that the polytunnel seemed to be taking forever to make any real progress and as I was running out of room for any more seedlings or transplanted plants, I decided to enjoy the sunshine and get in the garden 🙂

Freezing cold, but with a beautiful blue sky, I knew I couldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth so after scoping the garden to find an area that had dried out sufficiently for me to work on, I decided the area under the pylon was looking a mess and required my attention. So suitably attired in the only warm hat I could find (!!) I cracked on!

Hat 150116

Pylon area 150116Pylon area 1501162

Knowing I had new tools to use and a pile of empty garden waste bags, I set about trying to level the area to the height I wanted it for the new lawn.

What started out as a ‘general tidy up’ ended up being a mammoth weed and root removal project.  After I had been working for about 30 minutes, Dad turned up to work on the polytunnel (YAY!!) He said he didn’t immediately need my help so I carried on with the job at hand.

The soil in the area was just clogged with weed and the roots that were underground were an unpleasant surprise.  Nevertheless, I carried on and managed to clear the vast majority of the area in about 4 hours.

Pylon area 1501163

I know everyone is saying how cold it is at the moment, but with the sun on my back and a spade in my hand, I had to take 2 layers of clothing off I was that hot!  It felt almost Spring like out there today and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As you can see from the picture above, there is still some work to do and I am under no illusions that I am going to be able to move the half dead tree, the 3/4 dead honeysuckle root and the masses of roots from under the surface on my own.  I am going to need Trist’s help to finish this area off, but after producing what you can see in the following photo today, he isn’t actually talking to me at the moment.

Garden 150116

It was really great having Dad around the garden with me today and gave me a fantastic opportunity to ask his opinion on some ideas I have for the garden and get his help to get my head around a few things.

For example, I was unsure as to the correct height to build outdoor steps to.  I knew I only really wanted 3 steps leading from the patio up to the new lawn area, but didn’t really have a clue if this was actually viable.  So, Dad took some measurements and amazingly, working at a step height of 8 inches, the three steps I wanted will fit perfectly – YAY!!

We also discussed the area next to the fence where I would like to take the wall out and extend the patio area.  I knew I was going to be unable to remove the area in its’ entirety as part of the fence to next door is here and removing the soil would result in, quite possibly, a catastrophic collapse. So, looking at our options, it would seem the best thing to do is to create an “L-Shape” with the sleepers, still increasing the area of the patio, but meaning I would have a 1 foot flower bed running along the fence edge.  Not a problem, more room for plants.  My only concern now is that I wanted to create a seating area next to this so will have to give some extra consideration to what plants I put in here as I don’t want to attract too many pests and nasties to somewhere I would like to relax with a glass of wine 😉

So, as I mentioned earlier, Dad cracked on with the polytunnel and it now has all the base rails and the front door frame in place.

Polytunnel 150116

We are still aiming for the cover to go on this weekend 😉


5 thoughts on “No business, just pleasure (and a polytunnel!)

  1. Can you not drive the car?
    Is there no way for you to take the stuff to the tip when he gets home or on Saturday morning…
    Failing that ask your dad (If he drives)

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