Busy in the sunshine!

Today has been another busy day, but this time I had the sunshine to keep me company.

I needed some laundry products so after dropping Will off at school this morning, I did a bit of shopping and came back with more than I went for (nothing unusual there!).  So along with the washing detergent, these little beauties managed to make it into my shopping bag 🙂

Shopping 130116

Couldn’t help myself, they were all at bargain prices so it would’ve felt wrong not to have indulged 😉

Then, back home to start on some sowing.  Firstly, I did 4 x 40 cell trays of CLEOME ‘Rose Queen’.

I really do hope these germinate well as they look like they are going to be a beautiful flower.

Then I sowed, one full size seed tray of seeds from a lovely light blue DELPHINIUM which someone had kindly given me. The original plant look like ‘delight’, but we shall wait and see.  I also sowed one full size seed tray of DIANTHUS ‘Panda Mix’.  These seeds came from plants that both Mum and I had grown in our own gardens last year.

DIANTHUS Panda Mix 140116

Mum loves these DIANTHUS so fingers crossed I can do her enough for another stunning display this year.

I took all my new seed trays up to Mums for safe keeping in her greenhouse and whilst I was there, I grabbed the ASTER ‘Duchess Yellow’ seedlings that I had grown at the end of last summer as they needed transplanting.

I managed to get 120 viable plants which I put into 40 cell trays (to sell as plugs).  I also plan to keep some of these for myself 😉


4 thoughts on “Busy in the sunshine!

  1. Your cleome will be beautiful, try to keep them shorter by trimming them though or they get leggy. Also, you’ll never have to grow anymore from seed because they will always come back, well, at least in our zone 7 they come back. Looks like you’ll have a fabulous garden this year. I look forward to seeing pictures.

  2. Alright! Now you’re on to delphiniums. I have had horrid horrid luck starting delphs from seed, so I’m going to watch this one very attentively to see if you can find a better method than me. Which I’m sure you can! Did you chill the seeds before sowing?

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