Soggy Plants :(

After what has been weeks of rain and damp air, the plants which are growing in pots in my garden are filled with water.  I mean, you pick them up and water literally drips out of the bottom 😦

I had put some of the perennials into one of the mini grow houses in an attempt to dry some of them off, but due to the dampness in the air (and relentless rainfall), they don’t appear to have dried out at all.

This is becoming a bit of an issue for me as I want them to significantly dry out enough so I can re-pot them and tidy them up as necessary, but I also want to give them a good feed and with the amount of water that they all currently contain, this is going to be a pointless task.

So, we’re on to Plan B, for which Trist is going to kill me, but I’m afraid on this one, he’s just going to have to take one for the team.

Kitchen windowsill 120116

I currently have 30 CAMPANULA ‘Carpatica Blue’ on my kitchen windowsill in an effort to dry them out.  I am hoping that within a couple of days, they will have dried out enough for me to ‘titivate’ and feed.


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