Feeling proud :)

After spending most of yesterday planning all the things I wanted to get done for either the business or the garden this month, I was feeling a bit daunted at the scale of the to-do list in front of me.

I woke up at 5:45 am with an energy I haven’t experienced in a long time and managed to get all the housework done before I took Will to school at 08:15 am.

Having dropped him off, I called into Mums to pick up some plants I wanted to work on today and headed home to crack on.

Today has been mainly divided up into two main tasks; sowing and transplanting.

Firstly, the transplanting.

I started with the remaining 2 trays of ANCHUSA ‘Blue Angel’ which needed to come out of 40 cell trays and into 9 cm pots.

Because I had already prepared the pots with compost this job was nice and easy.  I managed to get another 40 plants out of the trays giving me 85 in total.

Then, it was on to one of my favourite flowers, LARKSPUR ‘Giant Imperial Mixed’.  I have never grown these from seed before and was surprised how reliably they germinated.

I transplanted these from 104 cell trays into 40 cell trays as this is the size I need to grow them at to sell them as plug plants in the spring.  I managed to get a whopping 193 of them 🙂

I was quite disappointed with my next lot of seeds.  Having never grown CALIFORNIAN POPPY ‘Jelly Beans’ before and only being guided by a few lines of instructions on a seed packet, I think I may have got something wrong here.

Out of 104 seeds sown, I have only managed to produce 36 viable plants.  I love the look of these flowers and really wanted them for my own garden.  I will make sure I keep back a number of each colour to collect seeds and have another go next year.  Again, the plan is / was to sell these as plug plants so they went into a 40 cell tray.

Next came CANDYTUFT ‘Dwarf Fairyland Mix’. I had more success with these and managed to produce 80 viable plants.

These were originally grown in a full size seed tray and have been transplanted into 40 cells to sell as plug plants.

And then, the job I had been dreading.  I had grown some GYPSOPHILA ELEGANS ‘Covent Garden’ in a full size seed tray and I could tell just by looking at them that I had left them a little too long and they were going to be a bit of a bind to separate and transplant.

After a bit of manipulation I managed to get 120 viable plants out, again transplanted into 40 cell trays.  I am a bit concerned how “leggy” they look, but having never grown these from seed before, I will just have to wait and see if they perk up.

Now, at this stage, any normal person would have given up for the day, feeling that they had accomplished enough and would be satisfied with progress.  But not me and not today – I had a couple of hours before I had to do the afternoon school run so decided to make a start on some sowing 🙂

With 14 varieties to get in this month, I was really spoilt for choice where to start, but due to the sheer number of ANTIRRHINUM seeds I have to sow, I thought it was a good place to start.

I have 2 varieties of ANTIRRHINUM’s to sow this month, so armed with some seed trays and my new propagator lids, I sowed one full seed tray of ‘Liberty Classic’ and one full seed tray of ‘Tom Thumb’. At this point I think it is prudent to point out that I still have over 1,000 Tom Thumb variety and possibly up to 5,000 ‘Liberty Classic’ so chances are I will be making another few sowings of these over the next couple of weeks.

With time on my hands, I also decided to sow the GERANIUM ‘Palladium’  seeds that Wendy had salvaged for me from some plants I had grown for her a couple of years ago.

On checking the clock, I realised I still had 30 minutes to go and as I was making so much positive progress, I wanted to be able to tick just one more job off my list.

I went for BIDENS ‘Golden Eye’.  The seeds were HUGE and so I was able to sow them directly into 40 cell trays (once they are large enough I will transplant them into 9 cm pots as they are a hardy perennial.

The seed packet stated that the average contents was 50, but after sowing 80 and still having some left over, I think I may have had a bargain here!

As I still haven’t got my polytunnel up yet (no sign of Dad today – GRRR!) I had time to drop all of the new seedlings at Mums where she will house them for me until I can grow them here at home.  This is fine, but I have to admit that I would rather have them here with me where I can look after them – they feel like my responsibility!

And that, briefly summarised, was my Monday 🙂



10 thoughts on “Feeling proud :)

  1. That’s some amazing progress! So you’re starting a lot of the seeds in open trays before transferring them to flats? How long does it take you to do an individual tray transfer, on average? I’ve never tried that but it sounds like it could be very time consuming to do it in such a way that you don’t injure the young plants. I’ve read about that being “the way” commercial growers usually do it, I’ve just never heard much about what it’s actually like to be the person responsible for doing it and how tedious or difficult it may or may not be.

    Also – glad to hear you’ve had such success with larkspur. Have you ever tried true delphiniums with any great success?

  2. Awesome job!

    Now you have all these plants… Have you made any hard and fast ideas about selling them?
    Car boots, Open stall markets… That kind of thing or are you going interwebs only?

    And then the next thing….Prices?

  3. And so you should – feel proud that is. Sorry I have forgotten – where did you germinate your seeds? I would buy some plugs from you, but I often find postage to Aberdeen is prohibitive from internet sites. I think some couriers just don’t want to come up this far. I guess the Royal Mail wouldn’t charge any more though. Packaging up plug plants could be expensive and time consuming though I guess?
    I am even more determined to try some seeds again this spring.

    • I germinated most of the seeds I had sown back in the Autumn directly outside, so of the less hardy ones have been grown in an unheated greenhouse. Yes, postage costs are a nightmare, I plan to sell certain plugs at 6 for £1, but the postage costs to send them first class come to £3.30 with packaging!!!!!

      • If I can beat the slugs I will buy some, but no point paying that just to feed them. Up to now I have just bought larger bedding plants as they survive better.

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