That Friday Feeling!!!

Today has been more productive than I could’ve hoped for to be fair!!!

Firstly, Jack Frost finally decided to make a welcome appearance 🙂

It’s been a while and I had completely forgotten what it looked like so just had to take some snaps 😉

Frost 080116

Then, unbeknownst to me, Trist, bless him, had not only fitted a door handle and a lock to the inside of the garage door so I could work in there without being exposed to a wind tunnel, but he had also dug me out his old heater so I could work in comfort 🙂  He’d also cleared off some space in his man cave for me to do some potting up  🙂 🙂

Workspace 080116


Bless him, so chuffed!!

So, with no excuses I cracked on with transplanting the plants I had brought back from Mums yesterday.  First, the LUPINS ‘Pixie Delight Mix’ and then the ANCHUSA “Blue Angels”.  I took the LUPINS from 40 cells trays and the same with the ANCHUSA.

LUPIN 080116

To be fair, the LUPINS looked a bit ropey, but I am hoping that being re-potted and in new compost will push them on.

And then, to my complete surprise, Dad turned up – I can see the skeleton of a polytunnel!!!

Polytunnel 08016

Not only that, but I managed to sieve 40 x 9cm pots and 9 x 40 cell seed trays worth of compost today 🙂


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