Weather forecast fail (AGAIN!!)

With the amount of outside work I need to get done at present, I have become somewhat obsessed with checking both online and TV weather forecasts.  (It’s literally the last thing I do at night and the first thing I do in the morning!)

So you can imagine my glee when all sources seemed to concur that after an initial rain band passing through by 08:00 am, the rest of the day was going to be dry and sunny, if not a little chilly.

You can imagine how miffed I was then, at 10 o’clock when my view of the garden looked like this!!!

Garden 070116

Undeterred, if not majorly peed off (!!), I resigned myself to finding some jobs I could crack on with from either the relative shelter of the man cave or in deed, inside.

Setting myself up in the man cave to crack on with a bit of sieving, I realised after about 20 minutes, just how much colder it was today than it had been of late.

Garden 0701162

Unfortunately, it took freezing my giblets off to realise that the door to the man cave can not be shut from the inside and so I had a choice of sitting in a wind tunnel or listening to the incessant bang of the door.  I chose wind!

After about an hour I couldn’t feel my fingers, not that I am complaining too much because I know how desperately some of the plants need a cold snap, but even so, I was froze!

So, I went inside and decided to start writing out labels for both the Lupins and Anchusa I had brought back from Mums earlier which both need to be transplanted into 9cm pots.  50 x Lupin labels and 80 x Anchusa – go me!

Plant labels

Then, finally the rain stopped and I was able to move some plants from my walk in greenhouse into one of the mini grow houses – don’t they look smart!??!

Garden 0701163

And then, to finish the day off, Dad arrived to do some prep for the polytunnel 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now brace yourselves, because progress was EPIC:

Polytunnel 070116

See those sticky up pipes?  Thanks Dad!!!




2 thoughts on “Weather forecast fail (AGAIN!!)

  1. My sarcasm-sense is tingling!

    Unless you are mixing your own compost I never saw the point in riddling. At work it was given to the kids who didn’t have the sense to tell the boss to shove it. It was the equivalent of sending a lad to the stores for a long stand or a tub of elbow grease.

    But, yeah… We got the rain too… Lots of it. >.>

    • Sarcasm?? Me??? Never 😉
      I love Homebase compost, on the whole, but find it a bit “bitty” for sowing seeds so what I tend to do it sieve enough to sow the seeds I want to do and then use the “waste bits” on my own garden to give it a bit of a boost. Has worked wonders in past years 🙂

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