Blue Sky!!!

With an invitation like this…..

Garden 060116

How on earth was I supposed to decline the opportunity of another day in the garden?????

Armed with my trusty hand fork and trowel – it wasn’t the right sort of job to crack open the new ones I had received as gifts for Christmas ;), I decided to start removing some of the weed and bulb infested top soil from between the trench I had dug and the wall.

I had had a brief conversation with Trist last night about where I should put any waste bags if I was able to fill any and he suggested in my wheelbarrow.

Well, within about 30 minutes the wheelbarrow was full!!!

Garden 0601162

So, a rather begging text was sent asking where he would prefer I put them once the wheelbarrow was full. Β His response was that as long as there weren’t too many, I could put them in the man cave!

So, I ploughed on and managed to take an area of about 1 foot along the whole length of the wall out at about 6 inches deep πŸ™‚

Garden 0601163

Feeling both pleased with myself and my efforts, I didn’t realise quite how much waste I had produced.

Garden 0601164

Trist is going to kill me!

On the plus side (for Trist), The Met Office have issued a severe weather warning for rain covering tonight and the first part of tomorrow, so I doubt I will produce any more waste tomorrow πŸ™‚

On a separate note, some goodies I ordered arrived today πŸ™‚

Supplies 060116

20 x propagator lids and 1000 x 4″ white plant labels. Β Both shall keep me busy tomorrow πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Blue Sky!!!

  1. What a great way to spend a beautiful day! It’s been pouring rain over in California, not much gardening happening in my neck of the woods. Are you able to compost the waste, or is it not really good for compost? I’m a garden rookie over here πŸ™‚

    • The layer I am currently removing is just full of weeds and would be more trouble than it’s worth to try and re-use it. The four foot of soil underneath is remarkably good and will be kept to use in another area πŸ™‚

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