What a difference a day makes!

After my melancholy post yesterday, I have to admit to feeling rather deflated and unmotivated.  That was until Trist came home from work with these in the back of his van 🙂

As it was by now pitch black (and still raining!) outside, there wasn’t much I could do apart from have an early night and plan things in my head for tomorrow.

Thankfully, the forecasters got the weather right and after an initial bit of drizzle which faded by about 6:30 am, the skies cleared up.  I dropped Will off at school and then without giving the housework a second thought, I got my wellies on and headed out into the garden 🙂

First job was to sort out the three mini greenhouses that I want to use this year.  After locating several parts which had been strewn round the garden thanks to “Frank” and replacing 2 of the covers, I had 3 perfectly functional grow houses once again!

Garden 0501163

I decided to leave the cover off one for now as I have several plants which are already grown outside and are acclimatised to outside conditions which I wanted to store elsewhere from their current location and so after staking the greenhouses into the ground – I was good to go!

Then it was onto the shredded weed control matting.  The winds and rain had done a real number on this and it wasn’t until I had a proper look that I realised how bad it was.  I started off by simply straightening out and re-laying the fabric that was on the bed on the left hand side of the garden.  This had in fact survived remarkably well and there wasn’t a single hole in it 🙂

Garden 0501164

Then I moved onto the right hand side of the garden.  There were holes everywhere on this area and wasn’t going to be quite so simple to sort out.  The matting near the wall was folded over as it was too long for the area when I originally put it down so I unrolled it and lay it back upon itself to cover some of the holes.  Simple fix!

Garden 0501165

Then I remembered the industrial strength fabric that Wendy had kindly given to me, it’s width would be perfect for across the trench, I just hoped that it would be long enough.  And guess what, it was!!!  Happy days!!

Garden 0501166

As I was on a roll with the fabric, I had a mooch in the man cave to see if there was another roll lying about as I had a sneaky suspicion there was one.  Result, hidden at the back of a shelf was the last roll of fabric 🙂  The question was, how much more of the garden could I cover with it??!!

Heading back up to the grass line, I was able to cover the last bit of exposed garden between the path and the tree.

Garden 0501167

Certainly made the area look a lot tidier 🙂  More left, where next??  Along the fence and under the pylon of course!!  I haven’t got a picture of it, but I even managed to use the last bit of the roll to cover up the area in front of the trench – completely covered – well happy!

Garden 0501168

Feeling rather happy with my handiwork on the right hand side of the garden, I found myself looking longingly at the left hand side and wishing I had just another couple of metres of fabric left.  I wandered into the man cave and there it was!! A rolled up length of fabric wedged on top of the lawnmower (???).  I swear to God, I literally skipped with joy carrying it into the garden 😉

Garden 0501169

And there you have it, a tidy looking left side too 🙂  Chuffed to bits as I never expected to get this much done today 🙂

Even though the rain clouds were rolling in, it hadn’t started raining yet and with time outside being so precious lately, I wanted to get a couple more jobs done before I was forced inside.

I wanted to move some of the outdoor plants into the greenhouse for a couple of days to dry out a bit so that I could give them a good feed.  I think it is going to take at least 3 days for some of them to dry out judging by the weight of water in some of them.

I managed to move the following plants into the greenhouse today:

  • CAMPANULA ‘carpatica blue’
  • SHASTA DAISY ‘Alaska’
  • BUDDLEJA ‘Mixed
  • GERANIUM ‘Derrick Cook
  • HOLLYHOCK ‘Creme de Cassis’
  • AQUILEGIA ‘caerula’

Greenhouse 050116Greenhouse 0501162Greenhouse 0501163

An unwelcome sight was the amount of Muscari bulbs that had grown through the weed control fabric where some of the potted plants had been sat.  It looks like my battle with these blighters is far from over 😦

Muscari 050116

Oh and just to finish the day off, I also sieved about 30 litres of compost 🙂



3 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes!

  1. A lot of progress. Looks like you have lots of seeds growing well. I bought a mini grow house last year and am still experimenting to see what will grow in it. I still had a real slug/snail problem with seeds though that I need to resolve.

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