Planning for January

With the forecast set to rain pretty much for the next 10 days, it’s pretty clear that outdoor activities are going to be at a standstill for a while 😦

As depressing as this is, it is going to give me a chance to get my plans in order for January and to write my to-do list (I do love a good list!)

Trist, bless him, managed to get the cover on the temporary greenhouse and staked it into the ground in the hope that if we do get some more high winds, it should stay in place.

Walk In Greenhouse 020116

Trist also returned home yesterday with some tent pegs for me to use to stake my mini greenhouses into the ground at the top of the garden as I have that many plants to sow and transplant this month, I am going to need the space they provide.

Tent Pegs 020116

I’m also going to have to work out a way to secure the mini-greenhouses to the fence for a bit of extra stability.

The garden still looks trashed after Frank’s visit and I desperately need to get out there at some point to replace the ripped weed control matting or else the ground just isn’t going to get dry enough to work with this side of March!

Thanks to three days of constant rain, my garden is literally a swamp. Even the patio area hasn’t escaped the deluge and currently looks like a swimming pool!

When will it end?????


4 thoughts on “Planning for January

  1. Your greenhouse is the same as my new one!

    Yeah. As to anchoring it…. Two of these…

    Then piece of thin rope tied from that, over the top of your greenhouse to anchor on the top of the fence behind it. That, with the pegs on the inside, should hold it in place.

    The other thing… Did you fold the base inside then peg through that into the floor? This shoudl reduce the ‘kite effect’

  2. Just remember part of the fun is that these projects are always works in progress. You’re undertaking a giant effort there and I’m sure it will look fantastic but if it was perfect in it’s first year then it would be no fun. If you start feeling overwhelmed there’s no shame in leaving a few things to tackle later on. 🙂

  3. That was my mindsets when i started my garden. And I’ve learned so much taking two or three years to experiment and read and learn that I take on a little More each year and change my plans based on what I’ve learned and how that’s changed what I want it to be in the end as I go. It’s not exactly parallel but you will get the idea I hope.

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