Everyone needs a Wendy!!

I meant to write this blog post about 6 hours ago, but I have been busy focusing my efforts on someone else’s garden.  I make that sound like a hardship, but in fact it has been a pure joy and I have relished every second of it.

I need to take you back to about 10 o’clock this morning for you to get the full picture of how my day has gone so, here goes:

Picture the scene, on the spur of the moment Will decides that he wants to clear out all of the toys and games from him room after Father Christmas bought him lots of new things.  So, with my hair dragged off my face in a bun, not even making it to the bathroom to have a wash and still firmly entrenched in my PJ’s, we set to work on removing the mountain of toys that he no longer plays with.  Then, whilst looking like Nora Batty (minus the saggy tights!!) the door bell goes – I mean seriously!!  My house was immaculate yesterday and I was washed and dressed by 8 o’clock, but on the one day I decide to ‘slum it’ in order to clear out Will’s room, I get a visitor!

To my shock (and pure delight) it was Wendy, my Mum’s next door neighbour (I have mentioned her before, she is the one with the rekindled love of gardening and the fake grass 😉 She is also the person who gave me the epic weed control matting!)

Even though she looked as mortified by my appearance as I felt,  I could see she was brimming with excitement about something.  She handed me 2 packages:

1 – Her plans for her new garden design

2 – Seeds!!!!!!

Wendy Seeds 020116

Now, I had known that she had been working on plans for her garden for a while as we have spent many an hour leaning over Mums fence talking about them.  I had also leant her a couple of my trade catalogues for plants and judging by the list she had presented me with, it was apparent that she had spent literally HOURS planning things out.  She asked me to look through and email her any suggestions I came up with – at this point, wild horses couldn’t have stopped me!!!

The plant combinations she has chosen are simply stunning!  Her front garden has a segmented circle alongside a further corner bed which houses a small pond.  For the circle she is planning a “hot” garden theme with a  mixture of:

I think you’ll agree, she certainly has an eye for flowering combinations!

So, after going through her planting list for the front circle and looking at alternative suppliers to ensure I could get her the best price possible, it suddenly occurred to me that yes, her garden was going to look stunningly beautiful from May to October, but after that, it was going to look a bit, well, bare!  With a desk full of plant catalogues I think I have made some rather clever (and beautiful) suggestions as to what she can plant to continue her “hot garden” theme all year round including the following suggestions:

I still have the back garden plan to look through tomorrow 🙂



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