Waiting for “Frank”!

According to the Met Office, we are currently awaiting the arrival of an uninvited guest, Frank.

This is the weather forecast according to the BBC for the next 24 hours:

Frank 291215Frank 2912152

I had soooooo many plans today as the weather was calm, sunny and mild, but due to the fact Frank was on his way, I thought it would be safer all round to wait until the weekend before I cracked on with my jobs.

One of my plans was to put up a temporary greenhouse whilst I wait for the polytunnel to go up, I thought it prudent to wait.

I’ll be honest, I don’t hold the BBC in the highest regard when it comes to weather forecasting.  Now, I know they work in conjunction with the Met Office and I suppose, most of the blame should be lain at their door, but even still, for a public service I pay for, it would be nice if they could actually get it right.  For example, we are past the Longest Day, yet according to the above screen shots, we are still losing a minutes’ worth of light every day??????  Get a grip BBC, get a grip!

So, as my original plans were scuppered, I thought I would have a little potter round.  I managed to get the last of the bulbs potted up and even though they had been out of the soil for 5 days, they still looked wonderfully healthy and full of promise:

Bulbs 2912151

These have now been added to my Peony, pot of Daffoldil bulbs and my pot of ‘mystery bulbs’, which if I am honest, are starting to look remarkably like Crocus.  Having never grown Crocus before, this is a lovely and unexpected surprise 🙂

On a sad note, my rescued Hyacinth has come up blind 😦

Hyacinth 291215

It has beautifully lush leaves, but there just isn’t a single hint of flowers whatsoever.  Now, I could crawl up into a ball and cry about it (trust me, I am tempted) or, I can just woman up and take it for what it is.  At least this time next year they will be in the ground and won’t be spending the first 6 weeks of its’ growing lives hidden in a box in a man-cave!!!


3 thoughts on “Waiting for “Frank”!

  1. Let the Hyacinth get their green on and next year it should be better. Also… Didn’t you say they were indoors last year too? They don’t do well indoors 2 years in a row, or so I am told.

    Also…. “Frank”? *This is my confused face*

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