Christmas Gardening Gifts!

Having spent the last few days eating and drinking my own body weight in food and alcohol (!!), I have spent the last 3 hours catching up on all the posts I have missed, 203 to be exact!

What has surprised me the most is the number of people who have had time to get into their gardens over the Festive period – you lucky people!

Christmas Day for me was lovely, not only did I get to spend it with my family, but Trist outdid himself this year in regards to my presents.  I was sent to bed early on Christmas Eve and was told that I wasn’t allowed back into the front room until Christmas morning (it was like being 5 all over again 🙂 !)

Christmas morning came – Will got us up at 5:00 am (!!) and I was welcomed by the following sight:

xmas wheelbarrow

I was so thrilled to see what my presents were in, at this point, I don’t think I would’ve cared if the boxes inside were empty!!

Once I had stopped hopping round the front room like a rabbit, I cracked on with opening my gifts.  Trist really had gone above and beyond this year and I was so pleased with all the gardening goodies he had bought me.  Bless him, he had even bought me a new gardening hand tool set which I was desperate for!!

xmas haul

I was chuffed to bits this year with what I had got and if that wasn’t enough, my eldest Step-Son, Scott bought me this:

xmas handcream

When I opened it he said “I know how much the compost dries your hands out so I thought this might help” God love him x


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