The trench grows!

I realised that I hadn’t updated you on the work I had done to the trench on Friday afternoon, so here we go:

Once I had dug out the line for the front of the grass level I am planning to put it in, I then became curious to see just how far back the first level of the garden was actually going to be. So with the ground drying out quite well, I got out the measuring tape and lay it down to see just how far up the garden the new lawn would go.

At first glance I was mortified just how much of my precious planting space the lawn was going to take up.  It felt like at least 50% of the garden was going to be swallowed up by the new lawn.

garden 1812151

What also struck me was the amount of soil that I was going to have to remove from this area in order to get the flat, lush lawn I want.  I guess this just goes to prove that I don’t do things by halves!

I guess-timated that the top edge of the lawn would stop right in front of the palm tree on the left hand side and about 1/2 a foot in front of the Laurel tree on the right hand side.

So, with spade in hand, I continued to dig the trench up the side of the fencing panels to help me get more a visual idea of where the lawn boundary was going to come to.  Now unfortunately, there wasn’t really the time to do a bit of sly hiding of evidence today so I just put all of the removed soil into a pile under the pylon.

garden 1812156

I dug out the 10 foot length and was quite pleased with the result.  After doing this it gave me a clear visual indication as to what I was dealing with.  The photograph below gives a clearer picture (the space against the fence is the end of the 10 foot trench).

garden 1812157

What with re-potting the Peony I was quite pleased with what I achieved on Friday 🙂


5 thoughts on “The trench grows!

    • Honestly, I am not sure. My main concern at the moment is not what it is, but how I am going to get it out without damaging it as it is in totally the wrong place and as I like its’ structure, I would like to use it in my new garden. Thoughts on safe removal?

      • You will have to dig a LARGE trench around the base and lever it out. Be careful though… Those spines are sharp and sometimes they can cause infection if they do cut you. The root ball won’t be HUGE but you don’t want to damage it so it may be easier to lean it over a little and almost roll it out, if you get my meaning?

        One trick I learned was to lift the leaves and tie them with a piece of string. Loop some string around the base and gently pull it UP and then tighten it a little (you don’t want to break any leaves if you can avoid it)

      • Having the back of your neck sliced open REALLY hurts!
        We had to move 3 Yucca from a council garden. I went in and sliced myself, the other guys were all ‘Noooo!!!!!’ You do *THIS* and then tied them up.

        I felt like a moron… And I cut my neck. I guess I learned the hard way. *shrug*

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