Surprise Bulb Haul!!

With a dry, sunny (if not a little breezy) morning on the cards, I was itching to get out and have a mooch in the garden.  Just a little Sunday potter, you know, the harmless little wander around the garden that we all enjoy.

So, after playing Minecraft with Will for over 2 hours (I only died in the lava once!) I ventured outside. What started off as just a reminder as to how much weeding I was going to have to do, resulted in, for me, Christmas coming early!  I mean, just look at what I found lurking underneath the pylon (which annoyingly is where I had just dumped a load of unwanted soil!!)

2012151 Bulb Find

2012152 Bulb Find

2012153 Bulb Find

I swear there was no sign of any of this on Friday when I was digging out the trench and I am guessing, if it wasn’t for the unseasonably warm weather we are having at the moment, there is no way that any of this would be showing this side of February.

So with the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve, I started excavating.  What I originally thought was a patch of about half a dozen bulbs turned out to be masses!  There were 2 or 3 really significant clumps of bulbs and I couldn’t believe my luck!

2012154 Bulb Find

Within about 10 minutes I had filled a washing up bowl with them.  Big clumps, individual small ones, they were all thrown in 🙂  It was obvious that the majority of the bulbs were Daffodils (whoo-hoo), but again there were a couple of smaller ones that were less easy to identify.

2012155 Bulb Find

I grabbed a 10 litre pot and potted up the biggest and most obvious clumps of Daffodils and some of the more obvious individual ones however, I am going to leave some until tomorrow to give me a chance to have a look at them properly.

In the space of about 10 days I now have 3 pots in my garden from which I am looking forward to seeing Spring blooms 🙂

2012158 Bulb Find


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