Sneaky and Unexpected Progress

With Will at school, Trist out and about doing some last minute Christmas shopping and a break in the weather, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to get out into the garden yesterday.

Problem was, on Trist’s return from the tip Wednesday with a bad back and sore arm from carrying all the waste, he made it crystal clear that I would be heading for the divorce courts if I filled any more bags this side of Christmas 😦

Now this completely eliminated doing any more work on the middle bed as I knew this would definitely require waste removal so I needed to be creative (and maybe just a little bit sly)

As I had mentioned in a previous post, we had decided to bring the lawn down from the top of the garden to the lower part.  As we have 3 dogs (!!) I wanted to make sure that I didn’t reduce the area of the lawn from what we already had so this enabled me to work out that the first level of the garden needed to be 10 x 32 foot.  Now, I am a ‘visual’ gardener and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t ‘see’ how big the area for the lawn was going to be and the impact it was going to have.

As it stands, the brick wall we have at the front of the garden (yuck!) is actually 2 foot nearer the house on one half than it is the other and due to my OCD and liking clean, straight lines, I knew I wanted the right hand side of the wall  moved back the 2 foot so that it was in line with the left hand side.  Again,  just couldn’t ‘see’ it so, I decided to dig a trench!

The area I wanted to work on had been covered by a triple layer of honestly, poor quality weed fabric and I was quite pleasantly surprised with what I found underneath it.


The fabric had been down for about 2 months and in the main, had kept most of the rain out of the soil and by the looks of it, definitely helped to keep any weeds (if not bulbs – Grr!) at bay.

So, pleased that the soil was dry enough to work with and safe in the knowledge that I wasn’t going to sink into the mud on every step, I grabbed the spade and dug!  As I was ‘forbidden’ to put any of the weed / bulb infested waste soil into waste bags, I realised that if I piled it up onto the area between the new trench and the existing wall, I might just be able to hide it 😉


After digging out the trench on the right hand side of the garden I was quite surprised by just how much extra patio space I was going to be gaining which to some people, I know, must sound mad that I am reducing the amount of ‘planting space’ in my garden, but the patio area I currently have is the last section of the garden to get the Sun in the Summer and is currently in full shade until at least noon.  By taking out this corner of the bed, it means I can have a patio seating area that will enjoy full sun from about 10:30 in the morning, right up until nightfall 🙂


After all, what is the point in creating a beautiful garden if I can’t sit in the sunshine in Summer, with a glass of wine in hand and enjoy it??

So, what to do with all this ‘excess’ soil and how to hide it?  I turned, of course, to my trusty hand fork and rake and started to break it down.  Within about 30 minutes, I had managed to break it down enough to almost look invisible (almost!)


I was really pleased I had done this as it allowed me to get a much clearer visual idea of the lines of my garden.

And then Trist text me, he was on his way home!!!  There was only one thing to do, hide all the evidence that I had even been in the garden.


Bless him, he hasn’t even noticed!!  Okay, granted, the material has sunk along the trench, but it’s not as though he has come home to a mound of waste bags for the tip!



3 thoughts on “Sneaky and Unexpected Progress

  1. Does this mean that you will be cutting the soil line to make it in-line with the wall on the left of your header picture?
    If yes… How do you intend to break down the existing wall and rebuild it in its new position?

    Or did I misunderstand you?

    • I intend to break down the wall with relish and a sledgehammer!!!

      On a more, serious note, I plan to dig out a trench for the new sleepers to go in when the weather is much more settled and there is less chance of a landslide. Then, I (well, me and my Dad) will put the sleepers in before removing the original retaining wall.

      • Ah. I see. Will your dad have access to a trailer?
        BTW… If you don’t want the rocks from the wall…Why not sell them on ebay?
        Take a photo, State what you are going to do and that all the rocks will be available and see if it sells.
        Just make sure you state that the buyer would need to come pick it up.

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