Seed and tip run surprises!

Going out with my BFF “H” is always a pleasure so once we had been round Tesco, we decided to have a sneaky Costa. For me a Gingerbread Latte was just what the Dr ordered and whilst I pinched half her breakfast, she suddenly said “I got you a present!”

With eager anticipation I waited whilst she routed round her oversized handbag and then she pulled out these little packets of joy!!

H Sweet Pea Seeds

2 packets of Sweet Pea seeds!!  Loves my H!!  The first variety is called “Percy Thrower” and the second was “Su Pollard”.  Both are in varying shades of pink and both are strongly scented 🙂

And then, if that wasn’t enough of a treat for one day, I came home from picking up Will from school to find that Trist had taken every last bag of waste and every last bit of stone wall to the tip for me!!  Completely unexpected and I am very grateful, he really is a legend!

Empty Garden 161215

For the first time in about 2 weeks my garden is completely cleared of waste and I am chuffed to bits!

I was especially pleased as I had had a sneaky half hour in the garden before picking Will up and as I could access this area of the garden without treading in swampy mud, I had continued to dig out the trench along the fencing 🙂

Fence trench 161215

It’s not exactly massive progressive, but it has highlighted to me just how much more patio area I am looking at gaining next year – more patio = more pots 🙂


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