Mum’s Mystery Plant??

Mum and I would like your help identifying the following plant, well plants, actually as she has two, but they are identical.

Mums Mystery Plant

The story goes like this:

A couple of years ago (2013), Dad came back from one of his Rock ‘n’ Roll jollies in Somerset, wielding 2 bits of twig for Mum (last of the old romantics, eh?).  Anyway, he said he took these ‘cuttings’ off a lovely plant he saw when he was away and thought they would like them in her garden.

Like a trooper, she potted them up (they couldn’t have been more than 5 cm when she got them) and both she and I have waited in eager anticipation to see what they would produce.

Last year they grew to about half this size, but did not bloom.  They then died back, but surprisingly new growth started in the Spring this year and they managed to reach this size in 2015.  However, yet again they have not bloomed.  Now both Mum and I have the patience of Saints when it comes to gardening, but we are now becoming more than a little frustrated in not knowing what they are or indeed, if it is worth giving them a third year to see what they are.

On several occasions we have asked Dad what the original plants’ flowers actually looked like and all he says is “I’ve slept since then”, which is code for – he’s forgot!

I have looked it up on the internet and in books, but because of the common leaf shape and no (as yet) blooms, I am finding it hard to identify.  If it helps, the posts they are in are 10 Litre so they are pretty established, whatever they are!

Any suggestions??


7 thoughts on “Mum’s Mystery Plant??

  1. Hmm…. Possibly Datura stramonium (thorn apple)
    But the leaves aren’t quite right. Google it and see what you think.

    Next time tell him to take a photo of the plant before he liberates cuttings! B-)

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