Weeds & Bulbs!!!

They are EVERYWHERE! This mild, wet weather is doing nothing to deter the weeds in my garden from growing.  We’re now half way through December and have only had ONE frost worth mentioning.  The little green blighters are taking full advantage and are setting up residence in the exposed areas of my garden – GRRR!  Desperately hoping for a dry day at some point this week so I can get out there and attack them with the hoe!

It would appear from looking around the garden that I may have missed some Muscari bulbs – Another GRRR!

Muscari 141215

They are sprouting up in the most random places and in quite significant numbers.  Seriously considering to start charging them rent!!

Talking of bulbs, I checked my pot of “mystery bulbs” this week and there is already growth!!  Not enough to help me identify what they are, but enough to prove I hadn’t killed them 😉

Considering I only potted them last week, I was quite surprised to see any green at all yet 🙂


9 thoughts on “Weeds & Bulbs!!!

      • Yeah… That would be a lot of hard work for no really worthwhile results.

        Unless you have a daisy hoe (Wide Dutch hoe?) and know how to flick it?

      • What were you using? Anything should work in a pinch. Just skating a shovel or spade over the top of the soil should separate the tops from the roots. It would knock them back a bit at least.

      • LOL!!! Oh the mental imagery! B-D
        Nevermind… There is always tomorrow… Except I believe we are slated for wet weather all week. >.>

      • I’m giving the ‘Milk’ fertiliser a try. It was recommended and its actually supported on the web… I also bought a Baby Bio Citrus fertilizer off the web but it has yet to arrive. So if the milk doesn’t work then that should…

        He says. B-)

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