Me vs The Rain

After checking the weather forecast this week and despairing over the frequent showers we yet again have forecast, I decided I couldn’t just sit back and hope that the ground I need to work on was going to dry out any time soon.

Then I remembered that I had a roll of weed control fabric somewhere in the man cave and it gave me an idea.  Now, I am not sure how successful this is going to be, but I have covered an area of the middle bed with it in an attempt to stop some of the rain water saturating the ground.

Rain cover

It’s folded into 4 layers and is on an angle so I am hoping that the majority of the rain from the impending showers will simply run off and allow some of the soil underneath to dry off.

You can see from the soil at the front of the picture just how wet it is and even trying to put this fabric down on my own this morning, I nearly landed flat on my ‘donkey’ twice.

I am hoping that in the dry spells which are forecast (tomorrow morning being one :)) I can lift the fabric and at least attempt to get some work done on the ground underneath.

On a slightly different subject, but still mud related, I have been looking at the area along the fence and in front of the brick wall which is now going to be removed.

I knew the soil here was at a level that could be brought down and was keen to see by just how much so that I could get a better idea of how many sleepers I was going to need in order to build the new retaining wall.

Sleeper hole

As you can see, I reckon I can go down about a foot without it effecting the stability of the fencing panels which is great news from a budget point of view.  Although realising that I am now able to remove a foot deep of soil over a 32 x 10 foot length, is starting to help me to realise the size of the task ahead…. scary!


4 thoughts on “Me vs The Rain

    • To be honest, I am quite looking forward to doing most of it myself – never happier than when I am plastered in mud!! My Dad is my Saviour and even though he is the best Welder and Fabricator in Worcestershire (true fact!) he is also amazing at DIY, building projects and pretty much anything else he turns his hand to. Trust me, he will be my “go to” man for advice and help once the weather improves – bless him 🙂

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