Garden Design Decision!!

Now, before you read any further, please let me make it clear that Vincent Van Gogh, I am not.  In fact, during my lifetime I have never been able to control a pencil and even struggle to draw a straight line so the following may be slightly comical 😉

Due to it being another miserable day weather wise, I resigned myself to sitting on the bed, looking at the swamp through the patio doors that was growing in my garden at an alarming rate and cursing the lack of progress that had been made lately.

Then, out of no where, an idea formed!  After months of knowing that I didn’t like the brick wall in the garden, but not knowing what to do about it, I had an epiphany!  So rushing into Will’s room to grab a pencil, some crayons and some paper, the following idea started to take shape:

Design Sketch1

I hope you’re not laughing!

So, with the basic idea on paper, I tried to make it look a bit more er… professional.  I was quite impressed that it actually looked 3D 🙂

Design Sketch2

As I have mentioned previously, I want to use softwood sleepers as structure for the garden.

Then, it was time to broach the subject with Trist, this was not going to go down too well as he is actually quite fond of the brick wall.  Well, blow me, he actually really liked the idea.

After further discussion, we felt it was more practical for a whole host of reasons to bring the lawned area of the garden down from the top and make the first raised area a grassed area.  This would also make it a lot easier to incorporate the pylon into the design.

So, that’s the plan so far – best start looking into steps, turf and sleeper options!!


7 thoughts on “Garden Design Decision!!

    • Yes, we used green oak rail sleepers (we have a bank that needed propping up). I think ours aren’t recycled because those are impregnated with creosote (however, that does mean that they last longer).

      • Luckily, I know someone who works at a local Builders Merchants who can get impressive discounts so I am able to get 2400mm softwood sleepers for about £9 each 😬😬

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