Should I remortgage???

I came to a bit of a ‘block’ with my design plans so decided to Google “Garden Inspirations”!!!! Well, unless I can convince Trist to remortgage the house again and add an additional £30k to what we already borrowed earlier this year, it was pretty much pointless!

As much as the designs were beautiful and some of the ideas that people from across the world had come up with were nothing short of out of this world, there is no way that an amateur gardener with one full time income coming into the house could ever afford.

It reminded me of a conversation I had had with my best and oldest friend in the world H, the other week, I think it’s best I introduce H, you’ll be hearing plenty about her in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years!


She is blessed with a completely flat garden which is above average size.  Like me, she came into gardening in her late 20’s and is very much a self taught gardener.  She has several small size pots in her patio area containing some beautiful annuals and bulbs and loves a sweet pea.  She has even given me some Nasturtium seeds to grow next year, but I am unsure as to what variety they are at the moment and will have to do some research.

I have known H since I was about 2 and to be fair, it’s uncommon to find two 33 year old females who are so interested in gardening.

Me&H babies

We’re both in this photo – free plants next year if you can identify us!!

The bug hasn’t caught her so much as it has me, but trust me, she isn’t far behind.  She has asked me to split a bamboo in her garden which, to be fair, has become a bit wild and needs a ‘good seeing to!’

Her garden is a mix of the present and the past,  My beautiful H has been through more of her fair share of tragedy in her life and part of her garden is dedicated to her Angel Baby, Bradley.

H Garden Bradley

A beautiful and constant memorial to a child who should never have been taken.

I have never been so proud of anyone as I am of my H.  With the love and gentleness of a wonderful Husband, a miracle happened – Eli. A beautiful blue-eyed boy who is without doubt, wise beyond his years.

H Garden 5

Through adversity and at times, worries beyond her years, my beautiful H has blossomed into one of the most precious people in my life.  A true friend, a person I can rely on in my darkest hours and in truth, a person I wish I could be more like.  I have never known a soul so pure as hers and with everything she has been through, her soul is still as pure as the driven snow.

Her love of gardening just proves to me how wonderful she is!!



7 thoughts on “Should I remortgage???

  1. Ahhhhh loves u too!! I can guess which one is u and me! Sooooo i win free plants!!! U forgot to say H cant enter in the small print 🙂

  2. Whoa… Googling for what you ‘Could’ do…That’s a brave persons task! B-)

    I could re-hang the gardens of Babylon… I’m just shy of a bit of cash. Just a few million, nothing a trip to the piggy back wont fit…. NOT! B-D

    The reason my garden is so slow to move is cash. I don’t have enough to do what I want to do. So I do what I can, when I can. The biggest thing I ever learned? Patience and acceptance. *shrug*

    Oh… And in the photo, you two are up at the back… there are three kids between the older lady and the lady with the black hair and blue cardie… You two are the two on the right. (you are the middle one)
    How did I do? B-)

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