Friday Round-Up!

With the weather matching my mood this week and mostly being miserable, I haven’t had chance to get in the garden at all, which I am finding REALLY frustrating!

Hubby could obviously tell that I was feeling down so he bought me a little something to cheer me up 🙂  Flowers? No.  Chocolates?  No.  Better than that, he bought me these bad boys 🙂

Bin Bags Dec

Perfect romantic gift 🙂

Okay, so probably not every woman’s choice of a romantic gift, but at least it shows he knows me!

Hyacinth Update

Can’t believe the difference in my Hyacinth in just one week!  I think I definitely dug it out of the ‘man-cave’ in the nick of time.  There are even buds coming in them now – really chuffed!

Doubt it will be out in time for Christmas, but it’ll be a nice addition to my kitchen windowsill for the New Year 🙂

As Mum and Dad are back from their Tinsel and Turkey (!!) weekend, today was the obligatory weekly trip to the Supermarket. Afterwards, we had a mooch around the garden and greenhouse to see ‘what was occurring’.

It was pleasing to see that the variety of Fuscia cuttings we had taken this year were coming on a treat and some were still in bloom.  There are a couple of little ‘stragglers’ but the majority of them are coming on really well.

Mum has the majority of the ‘Mother’ plants in her garden and that is where we got the cuttings from.  I will probably keep a couple of them for my garden, but to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Fuscia‘s so will probably sell the rest in the Spring.

Also good to see was the progress the Digitalis ‘Apricot’ were making.  I had transplanted 3 seedlings to a 1 litre pot back in September and they have really taken off in recent weeks.  I am sure it has something to do with the TLC Mum has been giving them x

Apricot Foxgloves Dec15

By the sounds of things, Mum has her eye on a couple of these for her own garden so I am not sure how many I will end up with to sell.

Whilst I am working on my garden, Mum is babysitting two Hebe‘s for me.  I will be honest, I am not sure which variety they are and will have to do some research, but I was quite surprised to see that one of them was in flower – in December!!

Hebe Dec

I love a Hebe for adding all year round colour to the garden and can’t wait to find a suitable home for these in the New Year.

I also had a look to see how my Californian Poppies ‘Jelly Beans’ were getting on.

Californian Poppy Dec15

I am pleased to say, they are looking really healthy and can’t wait for these to be in my own garden.  Such a beautiful variety.


4 thoughts on “Friday Round-Up!

  1. Plants are looking good. That Hyacinth may surprise you!

    Do you not re-use your sacks? Empty them at the tip and bring them back. You may only get one or two runs out of them but its better than nothing!

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