Blooms in December!

I was having a conversation with my Mum the other day about seasons.  According to her, “the good old days” were when you could practically guarantee what week “the first flower would appear on your runner beans” or when “the first bud would appear on your favourite Fuscia“.   Nowadays, it seems almost pointless looking at seed packets for the knowledge of when a flower is due to bloom as without the defined seasons of yesteryear, everything just seems to be doing its’ own thing.

Take for example, the following.   During a mooch through the plants I have stored at the top of the garden for next year, I found that my Spring / Summer flowering Bellis Perennis were still going strong and in fact, some new blooms were only just coming out!  Granted, the leaves look shocking, but surely these little daisies should be retreating back into the sanctuary of their pots by now!

Even more of a surprise was this Gaillardia.  I mean a height of Summer plant still holding on in the middle of December???  Surely this can’t be right!

Gaillardia Dec15

With the mild, wet Autumn and now early Winter we have experienced, it does make you question your Spring planting plans.  For example, if the weather continues on this trend, will the ground be warm enough to get a few outside sowings in especially early next year or could it be another Spring where we are lulled into a false sense of security and just as we are congratulating ourselves on an early start, an intense period of harsh frosts arrive and kills off everything we have achieved so far??

Don’t ever let it be said that gardening is boring and predictable!!!


5 thoughts on “Blooms in December!

  1. Last year the late frosts and that bit of snow we had did a number on my early plants and my poor camellia never fully recovered.

    And my Bellis are still showing too. We need some cold weather to cool the ground off.
    Damn you climate change! *shakes fist* B-)

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