Sunday in the garden :)

Unexpectedly, Trist took 20 bags of waste for me to the tip yesterday afternoon.  So, what else was there for me to do today, but re-fill them!

With a more of less fixed back and a dry and windless morning, I continued to crack on with the middle bed.  After turning over a chunk of soil yesterday, it didn’t take me long to break it down and sort it out.

garden 0612151

My “little helper”, Bella was in the garden with me this morning and to be fair, she was really well behaved although she does have a tendency to  get in the way a bit 😉

The wall continued to collapse around me so I am afraid the pile that needs to go to the tip is starting to look like a mini mountain.

I am still finding Muscari bulbs everywhere and am beginning to wonder if I am genuinely ever going to rid my garden of them.  It was beginning to feel that every spade full of soil I turned over, there was a clump of bulb attached to it.

garden 0612154

And then, without even realising it, I had filled the 20 bags again – to see Trist wasn’t impressed was an understatement.  And then, to my utter astonishment, he offered to go back to the tip and empty them for me! So thankful!!

Whilst Trist was finishing up something he was doing with Will, I started to dig over the next section of bed.  Due to the amount of rain we have had of late, my spade was going through it like butter so made good progress.

garden 0612155

Just as we had finished loading the van, the rain started hammering it down.  And I am not kidding you, it was like sheet rain for about 30 minutes.   By the end of it, the garden was like a swamp and had really put a damper on my morning.

However, within an hour, the sun was back out and Trist had returned from the tip…. with empty bags!  What else was I supposed to do, but re-fill them again??!!  I have however promised him that I won’t mention the word “tip” to him for at least a week, so I am going to wait until the next predicted dry day, which at the moment is Wednesday, and attempt to take them myself.  So, I cracked on….

By the end of my time in the garden, I have to admit, I am really chuffed what I have achieved.  I know it looks like a muddy swamp, but I am starting to feel like I am getting on top of this bed and it won’t be long before it has completely disappeared!

I am trying to do it as a slope as with the amount of rain we have forecast over the nest week, I don’t want a lake or rivers forming in it.

Here’s to a great few days in the garden and some real progress made 🙂


One thought on “Sunday in the garden :)

  1. Will you be dragging some of the soil from the back part down to the front to ease off the slope at all?

    Well done to your old fella. Tell him I’ll raise a cup of tea in his name! B-)

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