Nice try, Desmond!

Following my day in the garden yesterday, I have woken up today with the back of a 90 year old 😦  Everything aches, which has made me realise that I am not as fit as I thought I was.  Fitness; something else to add to the to-do list!

Now, I am sure you are all aware of the presence of storm ‘Desmond’.  Yet again we have another weekend of gusty, strong winds, but on the plus side, no rain this time – every cloud and all that!

However, as much as my back was giving me some serious gip and the wind was howling, my enthusiasm for continuing with the middle bed was un-wavered!  I was determined to carry on until either my back gave in or I was blown off my feet by Desmond.

So, at the end of play yesterday,  the bed looked like this:

garden 0412155

With the wind blowing in my sails, it didn’t take me long with my trusty spade to clear out the rest of the soil next to the steps and with the help of gravity, the wall quickly started to disappear too.


Thanks to the strengthening wind, the soil was drying out incredibly quickly and I wanted to make the most of the fact that for the first time in weeks, I was able to work in the garden without sinking 3 inches into the mud.  So I continued working my way through the bed, removing the wall as it crumbled all around me and all of the other bits and pieces that needed to be removed.  It didn’t take long for it to look like this:


I had my two little helpers in the garden keeping me company today and to be fair, Bella was a lot less destructive than she was yesterday.


Then, disaster struck!  Did Desmond blow something over?  No.  Did I do my back some more mischief? No. Worse than that, I ran out of waste bags!!  Turns out, I had managed to fill another 8 bags with what felt like minimal effort.  Here’s Spot looking proud with our haul for today 🙂


As I had ran out of bags, but still had enthusiasm to carry on, I decided to start breaking through some more of the soil in the bed.  Unfortunately, this area of soil was compacted solid and what with an already sore back, after half an hour I just had to stop 😦


Even though I didn’t get as much done today as I would’ve liked, I am still pleased that I was able to make some progress.



2 thoughts on “Nice try, Desmond!

  1. Great work… Keep it up!

    Side note about your back. Get in a HOT bath tonight… As hot as you can stand and relax in it but don’t let the water get cold before you get out. When you are out get dried immediately. Don’t be like the wife and sit around in a wet towel.
    Also… If you can bat your eyes at your hubby, get him to rub some deep heat into your back and then put in a jumper. And wear enough clothes on your back at night that it feels *slightly* too warm. The trick now is to keep your back muscles warm… If they go cold you will stiffen up and spend the next 6 weeks walking like a crab going ‘ow’ a lot… Trust me on this one! B-)

    Also… Try to walk around normally. Don’t lie down or do more sitting than you normally would. Get, and keep the muscles moving and warm.
    If you do Yoga then the sun salutation done slowly and less intensive is really good.

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