Making plants my business!

Now you may have thought what with all my antics in the garden recently that I wasn’t still working on my plans to launch my business in the New Year – how wrong you would be!

I have finally managed to find a supplier to buy Blister Packs from at a competitive price, which will enable me to send plug plants through the post safely and efficiently.  The same supplier also do the blister packs I need to post out 3 x 9cm pots for my perennial plants so doubly chuffed right now.

As well as the plant side of things, I have also been looking into planters and pots.  The following are the types of things I am planning on selling from an eBay store and website.

Would appreciate your thoughts!

There are literally thousands of products to choose from, but I am trying not to get too carried away, but at the same time, appeal to as many different people as possible.

I’ve also found a supplier for things like garden tools and accessories.  At the moment I am pricing things up like jumbo kneeling pads, bird feeders, solar lights, lawn edging, extending trellis, watering cans, twine, trowels, spades, hand forks etc.

I count myself lucky.  I have found something that I am 100% passionate about, and if I plan it right and play my cards right, I might even be able to make some money from it.

I was planning to go ‘live’ in January, but am now thinking about February as I think, in the main, January is a little bit too early for people to be thinking about their gardens and I really don’t want to be sat on God knows how much worth of stock for a month and it not shifting.


5 thoughts on “Making plants my business!

  1. Make sure you think about PnP costs and returns.

    You may also find that a few people (Like my ex boss) who will want to pop by the house rather than pay PnP.

    What kind of plants will you be doing?

  2. Best of luck in your new venture. Horticulture is not an easy business (after 40 years, I know) but you will never be happier if you are a true plant lover, which you seem to be. I wish I lived closer! England still has most of my favorite gardens to visit, and although I’ve marked a lot off on prior trips, there are still dozens I want to see. I like your new design, too.

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