What a FAB day!!!

Today has been one of those days which has just been fab!  The sun has been out, it’s been mild and I have managed to get out in the garden and give the middle bed a bit of a hammering – more on that later!

On a Friday I always take my Mum with me to do our weekly shop.  Trust me, this is always a nightmare and not something I look forward to.  Whereas I can whizz round and grab everything in 15 minutes, my Mum likes to spend 20 minutes in the cheese aisle and still buys the same block of cheddar she buys every week!!!  Anyway, after the weekly torment, I deliver Mum and her shopping back to hers and get a lovely surprise, well actually two!

Firstly, Mum had bought me a lovely mini Poinsettia  which is now sat next to me on my dining table.  I had forgotten how vibrant the flowers are on this plant and it has certainly made the room feel more Christmassy 🙂


Secondly, whilst lugging bags of shopping into the kitchen, Dad tells me he has been sorting out the bits to the polytunnel 🙂 🙂 🙂


My tunnel has been stored in their garage since last winter when we put our old house on the market.  Remarkably, most of the bits seem to be there and even the cover is in pretty good nick – PROGRESS!!  So chuffed!!

So, once Mum and her shopping had been safely delivered, I returned home with only one goal in mind – get into that garden and enjoy the sunshine!!  And then, out of no where, a thought popped into my head.  Hadn’t Mum bought me a Christmas flowering Hyacinth last year?  Now baring in mind, like I have already mentioned, we have moved house this year and this Hyacinth pot could literally be anywhere.  Convinced that if I could even find it, there would just be mush in the pot, I was intrigued enough to do a little digging around in the “man-cave”.  After locating several items I had even forgot I owned, under a load of tools, there it was!!  And you’re not going to believe what I found!!!!


Now, I am not saying it’s looking at it’s best, but my God!  It’s genuinely not seen the light of day in about 10 months and certainly hasn’t been watered!  I was gob-smacked!  Needless to say it is now sat on my kitchen windowsill enjoying it’s first taste of sunlight and water in almost a year!

What a FAB day!  And I hadn’t even made it into the garden yet…….


4 thoughts on “What a FAB day!!!

  1. Awesome news on all fronts!

    Well done on the Hyacinth. Looking good. If you had left it in the spagnum moss then it will explain why it did well.

    And that reminds me… I need to go find and check on my Amaryllis at some point!

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