Sun, Spade, Spaniels and Serious Graft!

With the sun shining and a non-existent breeze (miracle!) I was itching to get out in the garden.  I knew the weather forecast was promising for today so had already pre-warned Trist that I was planning to get out and do some weeding and the chances were, there could be about 5 bags to go to the tip.

I wanted to do a bit more stripping of the middle bed as I knew there was still a lot of stuff in there I wanted to get rid of.  I had done well last week, but as always, there was still plenty to do.

During my earlier mooch in the “man-cave” I found  a new roll of waste bags – perfect!  7 in total which I ‘thought’ would be plenty.  So off I go, stripping out weeds, concrete (!!), broken bits of stone wall (!!!!) and to my horror – HUNDREDS more bloody Muscari bulbs.  They were everywhere – again!!!  I genuinely thought I was getting on top of these little blighters, but as you can see, obviously NOT!!

garden 0412153

After about an hour, I realised I had ran out of bags!  Surely, I couldn’t have done that much already.  I also realised that unless I took my coat off, I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion as the combination of sunshine and hard graft, was really warming me up!

It became apparent by this point that unfortunately, Bella was not as green-pawed as Spot is.  I found myself constantly chasing her round the garden as she took it upon herself to try and remove anything and everything that was sticking out of the ground.  Some serious training needed here!!

bella 041215

I had to have a quick break for 2 reasons, 1 – I needed coffee and 2 – I needed more bags!  Luckily, I found a pile of used bags in one of my mini-greenhouses and even though I knew I was going to be in serious trouble if I filled too many waste bags, I just couldn’t stop!

So after my caffeine levels had been upped to an acceptable level, I carried on.  It took four of the best hours I have had in the garden for ages, but I managed to fill…… 20 bags!!

garden 0412154

By this point, my body just gave up on me.  I couldn’t feel my arms or legs due to the work and my back was killing me!!  Loved every second though!!!

As predicted, the second I started working round by the stone wall, it started to collapse which isn’t great, but nothing unusual.  So, as well as the bags, there was also a medium sized pile of stone wall to get rid of too.

I would have loved to have done more, but I was shattered.  Pretty pleased with the result and fingers crossed if the wind isn’t too strong tomorrow, I might aim for filling another 5 bags – Just don’t tell Trist 😉

On a personal note – can I just say thank you to everyone who reads and indeed, follows my blog.  Writing this blog has been so motivational for me and has rekindled a flame in me that was on the verge of going out.  It means so much x


5 thoughts on “Sun, Spade, Spaniels and Serious Graft!

  1. A good job done well. B-)

    Do you have any bulbs in that bad that you want to keep? If not then it may be worth getting a tiller in and rotovating the whole bloody lot up!

    • There is literally NOTHING I want to keep. As I only have one bed left to go in the garden, I think the time and place for a tiller has passed 😦

      I know it has taken me far too long, but I have enjoyed every minute of it – and on the plus side, all the work I have done so far has been free!

      I have to say I was impressed with your bulb earlier, if these Hyacinths start to look dodgy, I am sending them to you!!! 🙂

      • LOL!!!
        I swear all the hard work I do in the garden is simply because ‘I enjoy it’ I don’t have any spare cash so it becomes a bit of a spiral.
        I do it because I don’t have money to get a tiller then I enjoy it and then I never get a tiller because I enjoy the hard work and everyone thinks I’m insane! B-)

  2. That is a big load of work! I figure a full trash can is the universe’s way of telling me to stop and do something else, like sit in the garden and read gardening magazines.

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