Greenhouse Check!

As Mum has now returned from her ‘jollies’ I can now relax a bit about the plants which are currently in her greenhouse.  Have been round this morning and am pleased to report that both the Larkspurs and the Lupins are both doing well. Having never grown either of these plant varieties from seed before, it’s fascinating to see them develop.

Watching the weather forecast this morning and it looks like ANOTHER weekend of rain and strong winds.  I swear, since The Met Office have decided to start naming storms, Mother Nature has got the hump about it and has decided to throw as many low pressure weather systems at us from across the Atlantic in order for them to run out of names in the quickest possible time.

Tomorrow morning and early afternoon are looking quite decent so I may try and get outside to do some more tidying up.  Unfortunately, the ground is sodden and I hate treading on the soil as it just beats all of the air out of it.  However, needs must and I have to make the most of any time I get out there or I am never going to be able to achieve everything I want to for next year.

Fingers crossed, I should have some more garden progress photos to post tomorrow 🙂


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