A dry day!

Finally having a break in the weather has allowed me to have a mooch around the garden this morning and check on some of the plants I sowed from seed back in late summer.

Both the Campanula ‘Carpatica Blue’ and the Shasta Daisy ‘Alaska’ are both doing really well.

Unfortunately, my Verbena ‘bonariensis’ look to be showing early sides of powdery mildew so I am going to have to quick-step and get some fungicide – not good!

Without meaning to, I managed to purchase 5 packets of Herb seeds yesterday as I am keen to have a herb garden.  I bought Basil, Chives, Parsley, Sage and Thyme.  I have a couple of months before any of them need sowing which will give me time to find a nice herb planter to grow them in.  I have seen a few, but nothing that really takes my fancy.

All of the plants that I have been storing at the top of the garden for the Winter need attention and as soon as the tunnel goes up, I will give each one some proper TLC.  At the moment, the top of my garden just looks like a decaying mess of twigs and I am a bit annoyed with myself that, to a point, I have left them to their own devices.

Perennials Dec15

You can also see in the photo some of the stones that I have been fishing out of the ground – buckets of the things!  Am hoping to use them in my re-design and to also use some of the to weigh down the barrel planters I want to get for the front of the bungalow which is currently just a car park size area of block paving with not a single plant in site.


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