January Plans

So, with the likelihood that the polytunnel will be going up in the next 2 to 3 weeks (!!), I can start looking forward to sowing some seeds in January.  Currently, I have 7 flower varieties that I am planning to sow which are:  Antirrhinum ‘Liberty Classic’,  Antirrhinum ‘Tom Thumb’,  Bidens ‘Golden Eye’,  Cleome ‘Rose Queen’, Dianthus ‘Panda Mix’,  Gazania ‘Tiger Mix’  and Platycodon ‘Blue Pygmy’.

Antirrhinum Liberty Classic

Antirrhinum Tom Thumb

Bidens Golden Eye


Dianthus Panda Mix

Gazania Tiger Mix

Platycodon Blue Pygmy

 I think you’ll agree, I will have a wonderful palette of colour and a great choice of forms to pick from for my garden 🙂  I am especially looking forward to growing the Gazania’s as I have grown them before and they are such a happy, cheery flower that they always put a smile on my face 🙂


5 thoughts on “January Plans

  1. Never been a fan of Antirrhinums myself. But the rest look awesome!
    I have Gazanias every year. Wonderful plants.

    I really like those Cleome… Will have to look out for some!

    • Snap with the Antirrhinums 😜, but so many people ask me for them that I always end up growing them for other people. Let me know if you would like me to send you some Cleome plugs when they are ready, they don’t flower until July, but they are going to look great as a stand out statement plant

      • Do you grow your own plants from seed?

        I keep trying that but me and seeds seem to have a love/hate relationship… I hate planting seeds and they love failing on me! >.<

        I bought some Aubretia plugs and they were fine though… So next year I may well end up going that way. Seems so much easier!
        So prepare yourself… I may just take you up on your offer! B-)

      • I found my black thumb when I started gardening… It’s growing from seed.


        I’d love to be able to grow from seed. If nothing else its SO MUCH cheaper than buying plants!

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