Panic Over!

Phew!  Have been round to see my Dad this morning and I am thrilled to say that all the seedlings are pretty much how I left them and I will still have a selection of plants for my garden come Spring time – Yay!

Further good news is that Dad is going to start work on erecting the polytunnel for me this week – Get In!  Am so excited about getting my sanctuary back and also being able to get on with things even when the weather is as abysmal as it is again today.  Unfortunately the weather is looking unsettled for the rest of the week so chances of me getting outside for any prolonged period at the moment are looking slim 😦

I have found a rather wintry picture of my old garden for you to see.  This should give you an idea of the long, flat garden I left behind and help you to understand the learning curve I have when it comes to gardening on a slope.


As you can see,  a much larger space which I miss, but the soil was a heavy, wet clay which I can guarantee you I don’t miss!  Also, please don’t think that this amount of snow is normal for where I live – it isn’t.  I live in Worcester and it NEVER snows here.  This couple of inches was enough to put the whole city into lock down for about 2 days – pathetic!

Going back to my ‘new garden’ I have decided to use softwood sleepers to add structure to the garden.  I rather like these:

Bradfords Softwood Sleeper

As much as I would literally like to get an excavator and several skips to completely flatten the garden, this is wholly infeasible so will have to flatten it out the best I can or at least use a few tricks of the eye with some clever planting. I think these sleepers will help me to achieve the clean lines I am looking for or at least I hope they do 😉


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