Hark at that wind!

Annoyingly, we have been hit with another day of strong wind, with gusts in the region of 45 -50 mph.  I think you’ll agree not great weather for gardening and certainly not ideal weather for putting up my polytunnel 😦 We have been forecast the same for tomorrow so am feeling more than a little frustrated that I am not able to get into the garden.

Another area of concern was a text message I received from my Dad earlier.  I had taken some seedlings over to Mum and Dad’s as I really have no where in the garden to put up my temporary greenhouses where I would be confident that they would stay standing in these awful (and alarmingly frequent) high winds we have been having.  Thankfully, Mum has allowed me to put some cell trays into her greenhouse to look after them whilst I wait for my tunnel to go up.  Now please bear in mind that my wonderful green-fingered Mum has been visiting her Sister since Wednesday and it’s now Sunday.  Message from Dad:

“I reckon these plants need watering – they look a bit…..not well”

So, after a quick phone call, he then told me that he had found the water sprayer and has given them a good drink.  I am not able to go up to theirs’ until tomorrow, but fingers crossed the majority of them will have survived.  Apparently. he “meant” to water them the other day for me as Mum had told him to (God bless her), but had forgotten as he started tying hooks for a fishing competition he had on Friday!!!

Aster - Duchess Yellow

So, whilst I worry that the gorgeous ‘Duchess Yellow’ Aster’s I had planned for my new garden might not actually make it now, I still need to focus on everything else.

I had mentioned my invading weed problem to my Mum’s neighbour Wendy, an inspirational woman who completely blames me for her newly revived passion in gardening :).  Last spring, she had her lawn replaced with artificial turf (not for everyone’s taste, but to be fair, the contractors she used did a fantastic job) and she has given me some ‘industrial strength’ weed control matting which they used under the tur when they laid it.  Have never seen anything quite like it – it’s so thick!!  Certainly haven’t spotted anything like this anywhere near here.

Weed control

So, as soon as the weather picks up (fingers crossed) I will get as much of this down as I can.  There’s a good 20m here so I should be able to cover the majority of the garden that is still exposed.

I haven’t been feeling ‘quite right’ lately and I am afraid to say, a little down.  I think the fact that starting to write this blog and the invigoration it has given me to get back in the garden whilst the weather has been so awful and I haven’t actually been able to get out there has something to do with it.  I read with envy all of the gardener’s out there who are planting their Spring bulbs knowing full well that it could be a good 6 months before I am able to enjoy the same pleasure.

Having never committed myself to such a massive gardening project before, it can feel like a constant up-hill battle.  I long for those warm days where I can potter around the garden enjoying my own handy work, but at the moment that feels like it is a lifetime away.

I would be really interested to see if anyone out there has some garden projects under way and what progress you are making.  I have really enjoyed becoming part of the green-fingered community on here and some of the gardens out there are truly inspirational.  Fingers crossed, my finished project will have the same effect 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hark at that wind!

  1. Yeah, the weather up here in Yorkshire the last few days has been crap. Wet and windy and not very conducive to getting out and doing things, not unless you are willing to swim to the shed and back anyway!

    This is the time of year I read up on things and plan projects. That and concentrate on houseplants!

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