Thinking of the future!

With the weather being as rotten as it is at the moment and with the forecast for the next few days being equally as depressing, I am using the time constructively, attempting to come up with ideas for my new garden.

With all the posts I have been posting, you may think I have completely finished stripping everything out – chance would be a fine thing!  It’s starting to feel like a losing battle as the mild, wet Autumn we have had so far has been an absolute dream for the weeds which are already taking over areas that I had already cleared out once!

As you can see from the photos above, even 4 waste bags of weeds (and bloody Muscari bulbs – grrr!) is not enough to halt the weed invasion.  I have covered as much as I can of the right hand side with weed control matting, but some of the more awkward areas are still exposed and it’s like a weed jungle 😦

As you can see, all the plants I wanted to store over winter are all now nicely dying down since we had our first decent frost of the year last week.  They are all looking a bit tired, but with a bit of TLC, they will be just fine.

I have good news!  The polytunnel is making a much welcome return. I am so excited I could literally pop!  I have missed not having my tunnel.  I’ve lost whole days in there before and am chomping at the bit to get it up and get in there.  It’s planned to go in the top right hand corner of the garden for now (grassy area), but unfortunately, the garden I have now is much smaller than my last one so the size of the tunnel is going to be reduced from 10 x 15 foot to 10 x 10 foot.  This still gives me plenty of room to get my seedlings in and fingers crossed it will be up before the end of December.  This is what it looked like last year:


Anyway, back to the planning:

I have been looking through countless magazines and searching the internet for examples of gardens that are on a slope, and ways of reducing the steepness of it as much as I can.  Problem is, there seems to be a general consensus amongst the gardens that I have come across so far that rockeries and winding steps are the way to go.  Neither option really appeals to me.

In a nutshell, I would like a cottage style garden (borders full of a large variety of plants with lots of colour) with a contemporary twist (clean lines and edges).  Now, I am not daft and I know that both those elements are completely contradictory, but it’s what I want.

And just to make things slightly more interesting, I want specifically designated areas to grow salad, veg, fruits and herbs.

I am also going to extend my patio area slightly (by about 2 foot) at the moment, the paving is a mix of 2 x 2 foot grey paving slabs (yuck!) and a bit of concrete thrown in for good measure.  Hate it – just looks sooooo miserable.  During my internet ‘window shopping’ I think I have found something which would be perfect:

What do you think?  Personally, I think it’s completely fab and will make the patio area look so much nicer.

Now, I just need to convince Trist to help me get the old stuff up and lay it!!




5 thoughts on “Thinking of the future!

  1. With the weeds… As I saw in a couple of other blogs of late… Put down cardboard. It will not damage anything in the soil and it will rot down but more importantly it will stop, or strongly curtail, any weeds pushing up.

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