Sweet Pea Saviour!

After the removal of the Laurel tree and the first two beds of plants (and bulbs – grrr!) my garden on the right hand side was looking nothing short of bare and baron.

I had planned to continue working towards the top of the right hand side of the garden,  but due to the fact that I had the beginnings of unexpected colour in the form of perennial sweet peas, I decided to leave this area and enjoy the little bit of colour that this one part of the garden was willing to offer.

This left me with little choice in where to go next so with a nervous trepidation, I started assessing the left hand side.  Welcome to the jungle…

After seeing just how many weeds (and chuffing Muscari bulbs!) had taken over the area, I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task.

I knew I had some plants in pots which I needed to find a suitable place for over the winter and because of the steepness of the middle part of the garden, I knew the safest place for them was going to be the top bed.  So, with hand fork and trowel I continued my mission with the Muscari bulbs, the removal of the mini-boulders and the weeds!

The ground up in this area wasn’t nearly as easy to work as in other areas of the garden and had obviously not been touched for quite a while.  I was also intrigued to find several ‘lumps’ of good old concrete within the soil which did nothing for my wrists or shoulders whilst digging away with my hand fork!  in all fairness it took me a good fortnight to get the bed clear.  The weather was a bit iffy and so progress was hampered by the odd summer deluge.

The hardest part had been removing an ornamental grass that had roots like you wouldn’t believe!  In the end, I had to get Trist to help get the fork under the roots just so I could stand any chance of removing them.

What also became apparent rather quickly as I was working in this area was the fact that the same level of craftsmanship had been used on this area of stone walling as in previous areas and was again crumbling and falling away as I was working round it.  As you have probably guessed, this led to another trip to the tip for Trist 😉


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