Back to Business!

As I mentioned in my initial post, I dream of opening my own horticultural nursery and gardening accessories business.

I first ‘got into’ gardening when I was pregnant with my Son, William.


Up until this point, I had never had any interest in gardening or ‘growing my own’ but as soon as I hit 3 months pregnant, I guess the ‘nurturing’ part of pregnancy took over and I became ‘green-fingered’!  Since then, my interest in gardening and horticulture has been the one thing that has helped me through the ups and downs of mental illness and I have taken great joy and comfort from being outside with the worms and compost.

So, what’s the plan and where am I up to?

Well, I have been growing my own plants from seeds and cuttings for a few years now and I have even done a couple of car boots in my local area to sell the plants I have grown myself as I always grow more than I need for my own garden.  I am the type of grower that if the seed packet says ‘average contents 1500 seeds’, I get all excited and grow the lot!  This obviously leads to a ridiculous amount of extra plants so what I didn’t give away to friends and family, I sold – to buy more seeds!


This is your first opportunity to meet ‘Daisy’.  She is my Husband’s converted T4.  He is a complete VW Campervan Nut and ‘Daisy’ is the other woman in our marriage ;).  He allowed me (!) to drive her but was constantly ringing to check she was ok, I swear he loves the van more than me!

As you can see, not a massive selection of plants available, but at this time I was only testing the waters to see what potential customers thought of my plants.  The feedback I had was really positive with comments on the health of the plants and the freshness of them.  This gave me the confidence to think that I might be able to do this for a living and what could be better than earning a living from doing something that you love?

So, what’s the plan?  Well. November isn’t exactly the best time of the year to start flogging your wares when you are growing plants, but it is an excellent time to get some of the hardy annuals and perennials in and to do some serious planning!  And that is of course, what I have been doing!

Due to the fact that I have been thinking about this for a while and also the fact that my own garden is practically baron, I have been sourcing seeds and other plants for next year with quite a vivacious appetite for a while – think we’re up to 97 varieties!

When I was at my old home, I had a 10 x 15 foot polytunnel, which at the moment is sat in bits in my poor Mum and Dad’s back garden, but the good news is that hopefully within the month it’s going up at the top of my own garden in time for the mammoth sowing marathon that will commence in January.  At the moment, I am using temporary greenhouses (which aren’t great to be honest), but they are enabling me to get a head start on my planting for next year.

I started growing for the 2016 season in August and so far I have either grown from cuttings or sown:

  • Anchusa ‘Blue Angel – HP
  • Aquilegia – Purple – HP
  • Aquilegia – Yellow – HP
  • Aster – ‘Duchess Yellow’ – HA
  • Bellis ‘Perennis’ – HP
  • Buddleja ‘Mixed’ – HP
  • Calendula ‘Fruit Twist’ – HA
  • Californian Poppy – Jelly Beans – HA
  • Campanula ‘Carpatica Blue’ – HP
  • Echinacea ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’ – HP
  • Foxglove ‘Apricot’ – HB’
  • Foxglove ‘Speckled Spires’ – HB
  • Gaillardia ‘Mesa Bi-colour’ HP
  • Geranium ‘Derrick Cook’ – HP
  • Godetia ‘Sugarplum’ – HA
  • Hemerocallis – Daring Deception – HP
  • Hemerocallis – Entrapment – HP
  • Hemerocallis – Fooled Me – HP
  • Larkspur – Giant Thrill Mix – HA
  • Lupin ‘Pixie Delight Mix’ – HP
  • Nemesia ‘Poetry Mix’ – HP
  • Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ – HP
  • Poppy ‘Golden West’ – HA
  • Rudbeckia – Goldsturm – HP
  • Shasta Daisy ‘Alaska’ – HP
  • Verbena ‘Bonariensis’ – HP
  • Verbena ‘Buenos Aires’ – HP


I think you’ll agree – I have made a decent start!

I plan to sell the majority of my plants in either plug form (mainly for annuals) or in 9cm pots (for perennials).  I want the majority of my sales to come via mail order or online auction sites.  I just can’t get over how high the postage costs are!  Seems ridiculous to me to charge £3 for 6 plants and then having to charge £4.50 postage, but unfortunately that is the way the cookies crumbles.

So, what stage are the plants currently at:

As you can see, they are at varying degrees of growth and I have plenty to keep me busy over the winter months.  I have also sown some Gypsophila Elegans and some Candytuft since these photos were taken and I still have perennial and annual sweetpeas to sow in the next couple of weeks.

Well, that’s all for plant, sowing and growing progress, will be back shortly with my plans for the garden accessories and what else I plan to grow for the 2016 season.  See you soon!




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